Term of use

Term of use

Purpose of Use

GBS.,JSC uses its website www.GBS-Jsc.com as an official information webpage for its customers. Users access this website with private and non-profit purpose, and do not have the right to resell, redistribute or invent GBS.,JSC-originated products, depend on the articles and conditions indicated below. The use of information on this website needs an agreement on the basis of the agreement between the two sides with the following articles and conditions:

Refusal Announcement

Information on this website is provided in the “relative” form without any assurance, spoken or unspoken, including the unconstraint for assurance of the possibility of selling, the conformity of a private purpose and non-violation.

Regularly, GBS.,JSC will supplement, improve and update the information and function without informing in advance. In any circumstances, GBS.,JSC will not be responsible for any lost, damage, or cost for the use of information on this website, as well as for any errors, shortages, interruption or outdated information. The use of information on this website completely depends on the private risks of users. In any circumstances, GBS.,JSC or its representatives will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, special or necessary damage, even if GBS.,JSC has been warned of those damages.
Users clearly understand and agree that GBS.,JSC is not responsible for any behavior of any user. GBS.,JSC can have advices, ideas, comments of various information sources and content. GBS.,JSC does not announce or prove the accuracy or reliance of any advice, idea or comment and information from other sources, or any users on this website or other entities. The use of advises, ideas, comments or other information need to base on the risk of the users. GBS.,JSC or its representatives or agents and people are not responsible for any users on any inaccuracy, error, interruption, completion, drawbacks, virus, constraints, changes or use of any information on the website, for any reasons to any damage.
As a condition to use the information on this website, the users agree to ensure no action and no demand for damages, losses, responsibility and costs (including costs for lawyers) originating from the use of information on this website, including not prohibiting any requirement regulating that if correct, it would formulate a violation of users on these articles and conditions to GBS.,JSC and GBS.,JSC’s representatives. If users do not agree with any information on this website or any article and condition for using information on this website, the best way for the users is to stop using information on this website.

Links to other websites  

This GBS.,JSC webpage contains links to other websites. The websites linked do not belong to the control of GBS.,JSC and GBS.,JSC is not responsible for the content of any website linked or any link on the website linked. GBS.,JSC provides those links with the purpose of convenience, and the inclusion of a link do not ensure the accuracy of the website linked by GBS.,JSC.

Law applied

       This agreement is acknowledged and implemented in conformity with the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Any dispute relating to this agreement needs to be solved at the People’s Court of Hanoi.

General views  

GBS.,JSC has its right to change, limit or remove the website or any information in any aspect. GBS.,JSC do not have commitment to pay attention to the demand of any users on that aspect.

GBS.,JSC has the right to deny any access of users on this website or any part without informing in advance. There is no denial from GBS.,JSC to any article of this agreement that needs to be bound, except if mentioned in the document and signed by GBS.,JSC’s authorized representative.

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