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1. Realtek ALC665 AC’97 audio codec IC supported
2. Three audio jacks for microphone, 5.1 channel AC’97 audio input and output
3. Full duplex AC’97 2.3 compatible 5.1 channel audio codec designed for PC multimedia system
4. Supports double sampling rate (96kHz) of DVD audio playback
5. Driver supports Windows® 2000/2003/XP/VISTA/7 (32/64 bits) and Linux (Ubuntu or Debian)
Ordering Information Ordering Information
Part No.Description
AC-KIT08R-R10Realtek ALC665 AC’97 5.1 channel audio peripheral board
32107-001100-100-RSAudio cable with length 200 mm, 2 x 5-pin, pitch 2.0 mm
Ordering Information Packing List
1 * AC-KIT08R audio peripheral board1 * Audio cable
1 * QIG

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