1017 Voltage / Current / Resistance Calibrator

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A high performance portable multifunction calibrator with voltage, current, and resistance ranges. The 1017 combines precision with simple operation, making it suitable for use in the workshop or field. Constructed in a compact and durable plastic case with a tilt stand/carry handle it takes up minimal bench space and is easily transportable.

Five DC voltage ranges from 10mV to 100V full scale are available, each with a 6-digit (1ppm) resolution. The DC current range is 100mA full scale with a 100nA (1ppm) resolution. Resistance from 0.01Ω to 10kΩ is available 0.01Ω steps.

The 1017 can be powered from mains supply or by the internal rechargeable battery pack. Battery operation enables good performance where earth loop and noise pick-up occurs. When the calibrator is plugged into the mains supply the internal batteries will automatically start to recharge. If unplugged from the mains during operation the internal batteries will continue to power the instrument. Full charge allows 12 hours typical use. The battery condition monitored by a meter on the front panel.

Stability vs Temperature and Time
Outstanding performance is achieved by the use of special computer selected reference diodes and the latest in resistor technology. The special low-thermal emf terminals reduce errors when working with microvolt signals.

Digital Deviation Control
Allows the output to be increased/decreased in % terms from 0 to +/-0.999%. This provides a direct read-out of error and simplifies the recording results for calibration certificates. It enables the user to immediately see if the unit under test is within specification.

The 1017 is suitable for calibrating and simulating a wide range of instruments including thermocouples, transducers, 4-20mA and 0-10V transmitters, and platinum resistance thermometers.

As part of the Time Electronics multifunction calibrators range the 1017 is designed for accuracy and reliability, whilst maintaining ease of use.
It is a versatile calibration instrument that provides a high performance solution to voltage, current and resistance applications.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Ranges & Accuracy
0 to 9.99999mV in 10nV steps / ± 0.02% of setting ± 0.005% of range
0 to 99.9999mV in 100nV steps / ± 0.01% of setting ± 0.004% of range
0 to 999.999mV in 1μV steps / ± 0.005% of setting ± 0.002% of range
0 to 9.99999V in 10μV steps / ± 0.005% of setting ± 0.002% of range
0 to 99.9999V in 100μV steps / ± 0.01% of setting ± 0.004% of range
Output Resistance10mV and 100mV: 10Ω. 1V and 10V: <150mΩ. 100V: <1Ω.
Drive Current Max10 and 100mV: as 10Ω output resistance. 1V and 10V: 150mA; 100V: 10mA.
Range & Accuracy
0 to 99.9999mA in 0.1μA steps / ± 0.02% of setting ± 0.004% of range
Drive Voltage Max10V
Range & Accuracy
0 to 9.99999kΩ in 0.01Ω steps / ± 0.05% of setting ± 0.003% of range
Power Rating0.25W per resistor
Residual resistanceLess than 200mΩ
Deviation Control (V&I)0% to 0.999% in 0.001% steps. Deviation accuracy: V & I output, 0.5%.
Temperature Coefficient<5ppm per °C
Long Term Stability<5ppm/day, <15ppm/90day, <25ppm/year
Short Term Stability – Noise10mV range: <0.2μV/sec, <0.3μV/10sec, <0.4μV/min
100mV range: <0.2μV/sec, <0.4μV/10sec, <0.6μV/min
1V range: <0.2μV/sec, <0.5μV/10sec, <1.5μV/min
10V range: <1.0μV/sec, <2.0μV/10sec, < 8.0μV/min
100V range: <40μV/sec, <100μV/10sec, <500μV/min
100mA range: <0.2μA/sec, <0.4μA/10sec, <1.0μA/min
Warm-up/Settling TimeWarm-up: <10 mins to full accuracy. Settling: < 0.5 secs, 100V range 5 secs.
Output ConnectionsThe output is via low thermal emf terminals (0.2μV/°C). A mains earth terminal is provided for screening purposes. Output polarity can be selected by a switch on the front panel.
Power SupplyThe 1017 can be powered continuously from a 230V 50/60 Hz (110V to order) mains supply, or from the internal rechargeable NiCad battery pack.
Battery Level IndicatorA front panel display provides a continuous indication of the battery state.

The above accuracies are independent of thermal emfs which can be 2μV or more depending on the type of leads and connections used.

Operating Temperature0 to 50°C (32 to 120°F). 15 to 25°C for optimum performance.
Operating Humidity10 to 90% non-condensing 25°C (77°F)
DimensionsW250x H119 x D314mm
Optional ExtrasCalibration Certificates – traceable to NPL and UKAS
Country of OriginUK


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