GBS.,Jsc was founded by group of cybernetic and automation experts in 2006. These experts participated in design, integrate and manufacture management of numerous of control and measurement systems, used in military, oil and gas industry, building industry, maritime… Among them many systems have been designed and manufactured in Vietnam first time as the drill monitoring system, geophysical equipment (well logging station, well testing station, production logging station), test bench for missile control system and for radar system. Test bench for engine.  Also the equipments, worked at very high pressure and temperature (17000PSI, 165°C), the high voltage and high current, high slew rate  amplifier.

GBS.,Jsc owns the electronic engineers, who can design and integrate equipment using microcontroller, DSP, CPLD, FPGA, PLC…

GBS.,Jsc is also working with the  group of  advisors, who is leading in some specialty.

GBS,Jsc is especial in design, integrate in customization product.

Also we are supplying upgrading,  repair and maintenance  service for automatic production line.

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